'Let food be thy medicine'

Earth Deli is all about healthy, affordable and delicious food. We focus on helping people and the planet with our plant-based ingredients and sustainable practices. Whether you’re keen to boost your immune system and gut health, stock up to create nutritious meals at home, or enjoy a tasty vegan treat with your coffee, your Earth Deli experience will definitely add to your well-being and the community we’re a part of.

We’re a small business which loves to support other small local businesses with values that reflect our own, providing ethical, awesome, simple and wholesome food. We’ll also share ideas for earth conscious cooking at home using our pantry goods. Easy-peasy, nutritious and delicious!

Our Story

Earth Deli is the new kid on the block, conceived in lockdown, born into this strange new world, and taking its first steps in Muizenberg, Cape Town. Founded by two friends, Swiss born Ursula and British born Claire who are both passionate about making a plant-based diet easy, affordable and THE WAY TO GO!

Bubbles is a chef extraordinaire! With over sixteen years in the industry and having worked in five busy kitchens, we are extremely privileged to have such a fabulously qualified sushi master and award winning chef on our team!

Deli Shop

‘Candelah’ Candles

‘Dancing Star & Rainbow – R160

CBD Rosehip & Cinnamon Healing Sweets

small tin – R42

large tin – R111

Vegan Chocolate

Thrive Chocolate Bar – R80

Cannabliss Chocolate Bar – R110


500g – R22

1kg – R40

Mung Beans

500g – R22

1kg – R40

Frozen Berries

Blueberries – R80

Raspberries – R80

‘The Coffee Guy’

Coffee beans 250g – R76

Grounds 250g- R76

Decaf 250g – R76

Prince Albert Olive Oil

250ml – R70

500ml – R99

1l – R150

Aether Resihi Tincture – R200

Tinned Produce

Tinned Chickpeas 400g – R14

Tinned tomatoes 400g – R14

Coconut Milk 400ml – R22

Coconut Cream 400ml – R28

Le Coquin Cheeses

Cream Cheese 250g – R45

Cheddar 250g – R45

Mozzarella 250g – R45

Parmesan 250g – R50

LIS Cannabis Ice-cream

Deep Choc 250g – R70

Choc Mint 250g – R70

Cosmic Bazaar

Sativa △9 – 10ml (130mg) – R200

Sativa △9 – 30ml (390mg) – R400

Sceletium Elixir – R250

Sceletium Extract – R140

Sceletium Raw Dried Powder – R60

Canna Salve – Std 15ml – R50

Canna Salve – Std 30ml – R100

Canna Salve – Std 50ml – R150

Canna Salve – Extra Strength 30ml – R160

Canna Salve – Extra Strength 30ml – R240

Canna Salve – Balm 20ml – R60

Canna Sensual – 10ml (200mg) – R60

Canna Sensual – 30ml (600mg) – R120

Animals – 10ml (100mg) – R180

Animals – 30ml (300mg) – R400

Pure & Organic CBD – 10ml (200mg) – R300

Pure & Organic CBD – 30ml (600mg) – R700

High CBD – 10ml (200mg) – R300

High CBD – 30ml (600mg) – R700

CBD Rich – 10ml (200mg) – R300

CBD Rich – 30ml (600mg) – R700

Balanced – 10ml (200mg) – R300

Balanced – 30ml (600mg) – R700

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